Christian Scalas – Winter (AY035)


01 grey sky
02 migration
03 rain
04 snow in the night
05 antartika
06 night without light
07 snow
08 winter in japan
09 snowfall feat. andrea allione
10 winter solstice

ディスクユニオン(限定MIX CDR付)

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Relase : 5th February 2014

Christian Scalas『winter』



イタリア出身の、サウンドデザイナー、エンジニア。KRYSS HYPNOWAVE名義で見受けた人もいるだろう。そこでは、ダイレクトにフロア・ライクなダンス・ミュージックも多かったが、このたび、Christian Scalas(クリスチャン・スカーラス)という初の本名名義となるアルバム『winter』では、一転、まさに、エレクトロニカが更新(/後進)すべく、シンプルながらも、耳を澄ますほどに視界に色彩が溢れ、想像力が高められる内容に帰一した。ボーズ・オブ・カナダ、aus、Ametsubなどのサウンドが保つ幽玄性と幻惑も包摂しながらも、ただ、それがテーマとしての具体的な冬へと向かうことで、抽象性や高尚なエリーティズムを免れている。

「grey sky」、「rain」、「night without light」、「snow」、「winter solstice」という曲名からもわかるとおり、冬という季節の中で幾つも訪れる瞬間を切り取った素材としての音をあえて限定してゆく。だからこそ、プロセスとしてサウンド・アートとしての記号論、自らのサウンド・デザインを模倣し続けるようなところが美しくもあるとも思える。



Thinking ‘bout『Winter』
By Satoru Matsuura

For example, within the first half of the 00s, the road of electronica, such as the presence of BIBIO and Four Tet is also referenced of convenience, the word itself as “folk mixed Electctronica(Folktronica)”‘s could not penetrate so much originally, by limiting of its processing and sounds, as a material in one of the fate that electronic music includes retro-active like texture spread the ripples on the surface of the water of the smallest unit, along with the slide into rumination romanticism an inorganic ( and because he was also a grammar or say even) and not the easy “Manierismo”, reminiscent beautiful sound landscape in which, 2010’s, again To gradually, it is adjustable, the progression of harmony and static repetitive,Electronica dare it has become the case, which is incorporated the aesthetics to detail nor to be seen here and there. That’s why becomes even Minimal Music basis and so-called ambient, and electronica of today even comes out.


From Italy, Sound Designer, Engineer. Some were found in name Kryss Hypnowave Monobass. There, dance music a floor like there were many to direct, but each time, the album which is the real name the name of the first “Christian Scalas” that In the “winter”, turn, exactly, updated Electronica , simple yet, I felt fine on what color is full of sight enough Listen carefully, imagination is enhanced. Dazzle with subtle and profound of the sound Boards Of Canada, AUS, Ametsub keep even while inclusion, just the fact that it is towards the winter concrete as a theme, and escape the abstractness.

As you can be seen from the Song Titles “grey sky”, “rain”, “night without light”, “snow” and “winter solstice”, Limited dare to sound as a material by cutting off the moment that number also visit in the season of winter slide. That’s why, it seems also that there is a beautiful place, such as continue to imitation semiotics of art as a sound, the sound of their own design as a process.

Sometimes good interpretation is made in Japan for the “HAIKU” in foreign countries, but at the same time and stoicism that put the meaning in it is limited that “5.7.5”that HAIKU is loveth, it, of modern disease intention to “breakthrough”, again from aphasia basis conduct an just Irony as one, that would have the original meaning by talking too talkative also might have been a bear.

This, “winter” I think the real WINTER quietly.
However, it just so beautiful.

Have a good winter with this sound from the bottom of heart.