Nedavine – At Rest (AY036)


01 – Junoh
02 – The Dream Ventilator
03 – LAX
04 – The Best Has Yet To Come
05 – Frontiers
06 – At Rest / In Motion
07 – Clocker
08 – Marshall’s Arts
09 – Guy Fawkes
10 – Birdsong
11 – The Obsolete Endeavour
12 – The Train Home
13 – At Rest Reprise

Release:5th March 2014






“無機的な有機性”という撞着を越えて、この新作『At Rest』には過去に、クラークやプレフューズ73や、はたまた昨今のゴルジェなどが取りこぼしたともいえる、オリジナルな切迫とガラスが床で割れる音そのものが電子化される過程で聴覚から身体知までを響かせる何かがある。

「LAX」のような牧歌性とダンスの機能性を持った曲から「Birdsong」での一時期のKEN ISHIIみたくフロアーライクなものまで多岐に渡る曲が分離せずに、牽制し合いながらも、彫像画が出来上がったその前を思わせてしまう、そんな完璧ではない余片が良い。

そんな余片と、『At Rest』≒“安らぎを”というアルバム・タイトルが奇妙に共動する点を聴き手各自で、探してみるのもいいかもしれない、細部にまで意識が張り巡らされた充実したこの時代とのズレがない作品だと思う。


At first,I felt sound just now 2014 from the 2nd. half of last year, IDM and “Industrial Sound” had sinked “Romanian Modern Minimal” ,”Witch House” and later, deep sound of dub design a Adrian Sherwood was based from had been increasing . That is, the Rebel of sign.

Its, and that is also the “anti-thesis” to the sound with organic , I repeated these sound to stimulate the senses somebody and hearing, it what it has become aware of a “political nature of sound” I think also, there not even in evidence.

Then,looking back, when the ratio of the affinity of the art scene and “New Rave”, added nowadays EDM, something that at one time, “Detroit Techno” was responsible feel “Romanian Modern Minimal” or.

Don’t denote the possibility that world wide, rather, it means the situation around the world, basement music & ghetto culture that is re-defining the “Narrowness”.

Past time sound maker,designer NEDAVINE borned at UK was fascinated to “Drum’n bass” , “Jungle”, but I think that this sound that make up at work now as is subjective to the transfer compatibility.

His music is also so tight as NUMB nearly, you feel the sense of the later 00’s when it was beginning with Autechre or Clark,just WARP(UK). However, carry on a soft sound landscape.

For example,「Birdsong」 is similar to KEN ISHII’s dance track.or such as “LAX” to wide-ranging is without separation, even with each other to check, it’s better to become reminiscent of the statue before the image is finished, and the good pieces and not perfect like that.

By each listen and such extra pieces, the point at which the album title “At Rest” , it’s try to find might be nice, consciousness has been spread around to detail I think it’s work there is no deviation between this era.